Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I'm At Home With This Kid - part 2

All right, its a few days later (Feb 12, not Feb 7 as it reads above) and she's napping, so I'll try to start this blog thing again.

I'm Will and my kid is Maeve (3 months old). She's a good kid. She doesn't cry at all, as long as you constantly entertain her by juggling fire while dancing and singing right in front of her. Otherwise, she's hell in a bouncy chair.

This is my first blog experience. I haven't even really read any blogs before. I don't know who might read this (or any blog for that matter) and so I'm just gonna write any old crap, and by "any old crap" I mean I really hope my wife doesn't see this.

Before I write anything about my precious little baby, I gotta share my thoughts about Anna Nicole Smith's baby Dannielynn. First, I'd like to officially announce right now on my blog that I am the father of Dannielynn (although when I get custody of her, I plan to change her name to something not so stupid).

And, I can state with great confidence that I would be a much better father than Howard K. Stern (I believe the K is actually for Killer), and I would also be a better Dad to little DannieLynn than Zsa Zsa's husband and that other dude too. 90 year old Zsa Zsa has said that if her husband brings home Dannielynn then she will divorce him - this should be put into the dictionary as the new definition for a "win-win situation."

What I want to know is exactly how much unprotected sex did Anna Nicole have in Jan of 2006? Don't most people at least pull out during the unprotected experience? Its pretty amazing that she only had two children. You'd think that she'd have a few dozen little tikes running all over the place based on her contraceptive practice of Jan 2006.

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bklyn_in_dubai said...

welcome to the self-serving world of daddy blogging, where you child is little more than a prop. well done.