Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Revisioning The Blog Summit Retreat


I. Ice-breaker
Each staff member will recount an experience they have had in their lives when they contemplated suicide.

II. Trust-building Exercise
In teams of two, we will whisper to our partner our deepest darkest secret and promise not to ever reveal it to another living soul.

III. Long Speech by Jeff
Jeff will explain the entire history of our company dating back to his previous job at TMZ, and his initial discussions with Jeremy about starting a blog together.

IV. Long Speech by Jeremy
"J" will get everyone motivated with a presentation he calls Motivating the Staff, the theme of which will be "You are This Company." J will also include some advice straight from the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and end with high-fives around the room and then a group high-five.

V. Deciding on a New Name for the Blog
We will then all vote on a new name for the blog. The choices are:
1. Keep the current title - Bruno v. Eminem
2. Octoblog: The Nadya Suleman Blog
3. Grasshopper Chokes the Chicken: The David Carradine Blog
4. Rihanna v. Chris Brown: The Blog
5. Angelina v. Jennifer Aniston: The Battle of the Beards Blog


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