Monday, June 1, 2009

Bruno v. Eminem

Dear faithful blog readers,

Due to disappointing advertising revenues over the past twelve quarters, I am very excited to announce a new direction for this blog. From this day forward, this blog will be entirely dedicated to the feud between Brüno and Eminem. After numerous intense discussions in a series of meetings of our board of directors, it has been concluded that this move is exactly what the market wants at this time, and we expect to see significant growth in shareholder value over the next six to seven years.

This is not a move that will change things in a day or a week or a few years, but we are confident that this is the right direction to pursue in this complicated time in the blog industry. And, we at Brüno v. Eminem: The Blog (BvE:TB) know that this rebuilding phase won't be easy, but over the long run, dedicated employees that stay with the company will eventually return to salaried compensation in exchange for their work. Until that time, BvE:TB will continue to write bi-weekly IOU's to all employees (the change from semi-monthly will go into effect after the July 4th weekend). Jeff and Jeremy are also talking about issuing retention bonuses using equity in the company. More about that soon. And as was stated at the staff meeting, we will continue to provide printer paper, memo paper, as well as toilet paper and paper towels in the bathroom so long as our paper products supplier continues it's current forward-thinking payment policies.

Best to all,

The BvE:TB Management
(formerly The SAHD Management)


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off shoots said...

Jim, okay I haven't read everything here, but I just need to tell you I am so glad you are writing about Eminem....I have only just discovered how very melodic his music is....I love "without me" . It's me, Erin, from Strasbourg. San Fransisco, really. If it's really you and you know me, write me.

Love and grapefruit.