Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Responding to Yesterday's Commenter

Dear Anonymous,

We were so happy to receive your comment: "THERE IS NO INFO OR VIDEO ABOUT BRUNO OR EMINEM ON YOUR SITE."

First of all, THANK YOU Anonymous. Your thoughtful comment is greatly appreciated by everyone at BvE:TB. We know how much time and thought you put into your all-caps post, and we couldn't be happier to have you as a customer. And, in the absence of a Neilson-type ratings system for blogs, we hope that advertisers will see your comment as a measure of the trend we are seeing that new readers are tuning in because of our format change. It is a significant signal to us that our content is resonating with blog readers everywhere.

The staff here at BvE:TB have been sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what the public reaction would be since our launch on Monday, and it was a great relief to see your post on Wednesday. As our Assistant Director of Interaction Design said, "I think Anonymous was able to navigate our site very well. Our User Experience team should feel pretty good about themselves today." And our Sales Manager added, "I'd like to piggyback on Chandra's remark and just add that it would be interesting to get some demographic and psychographic information about Anonymous. Maybe we could write a Post today responding to Anonymous and try to get a dialogue going with her or him. Do we know if Anonymous is male or female?" "I feel like he's a dude," replied Jordie, our Project Associate on the Content team. Then Sophie, our Information Architect followed with, "I will draft something for a new post. We can call it: Responding to Anonymous."

Well, Anonymous, as you can probably figure out, we are taking your feedback quite seriously. Please continue to have meaningful interactions with our blog and stay with us on this groundbreaking adventure in New Media.


Everyone at BvE:TB

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