Monday, March 5, 2007

Howard K. Stern: "I really didn't kill Anna Nicole" Interview - March 5, 2007

SAHD: Hello Howard. Thank you for coming here and meeting with me.

Howard K: Its my pleasure. You have a lovely apartment. Would it be okay if I used your bathroom?

SAHD: Of course. Just go straight through the bedroom. You can't miss it.

Howard K: Thanks. I'll be right back.

(20 minutes later)

SAHD: Before we get started, can I offer you something to drink? Some water? juice? tea?

Howard K: No thanks; I'm fine. But can I offer you something: a valium, vicodin, perhaps a perkasete?

SAHD: Okay, maybe a perkasete.

Howard K: Here, take two.

SAHD: Thank you. So, how have you been doing since the death of Anna Nicole?

Howard K: Very busy. I can't tell you how many meetings with lawyers, business deals and interviews I've done in the past few weeks. Its been awful. A lot of hard work.

SAHD: A lot of people believe that you are a gold digger, just in this for the money, and that you aren't even Danielynn's real father.

Howard K: That is ridiculous. I don't care at all about the money. I just want what's best for my little Dannielynn. I just want to be able to take care of that beautiful baby.

SAHD: I suppose you are going to "take care" of Dannielynn the same way you "took care" of Anna Nicole and her son Daniel?

Howard K: I resent that! I took the best possible care of Daniel and Anna Nicole! I watched over them the way a lioness watches over her cubs. Its not my fault that they both took far too many prescription pills every single day and then died.

SAHD: You killed them! You killed them!! You are sinister! You are vermin!

Howard K: Calm down. I love you. Have some valium. and some vicodin. and a little single malt scotch.

SAHD: Thanks. I feel a lot better.

Howard K: Look, as one stay-at-home-Dad to another, I'd like to assure you that all I care about is the proper care and nuture of my little girl. I really didn't kill Anna Nicole and I also didn't kill Daniel. Its just a bad coincidence that the people around me tend to die for mysterious reasons.

SAHD: Great, well then, I think I've heard enough of your lies, lets wrap this up. Again I thank you for coming here and doing this. And here is your 200 dollars.

Howard K: What is that?

SAHD: Its your 200 dollars - your fee for the interview.

Howard K: My fee is two hundred thousand dollars.

SAHD: When I asked you on the phone how much you get for an interview, you said, "two hundred."



Howard K: I assumed you understood that I meant two hundred thousand. What kind of idiot are you that you would think Howard K. Stern would do an interview for two-fucking-hundred lousy dollars?

SAHD: Well, I was surprised at how reasonable it was, but that is what you said. I said, "What do you get for an interview?" and you said,"two hundred." That's exactly what you said.

Howard K: Jesus Christ! Look, everyone in the industry knows that when I say an interview costs 200, that I'm asking for two hundred-thousand dollars.

SAHD: Well I'm sorry, but 200 is all I have. And that is what you're going to get.

Howard K: Listen dude, I'm gonna fucking sue your ass. I'm suing you for everything you have. I'm suing you, your baby, your employers, Blogger, Blogspot, and Google. Believe me, you haven't heard the last of this.

SAHD: You want the $200 or not?

Howard K: Just give it to me.


bklyn_in_dubai said...

you drive a hard bargain. but he set the terms. that's what he gets for killing the two of them.

Anonymous said...

Anna Nicole's son Daniel was in Danger the moment he became the sole heir of her possible fortune. What scumbag in her entourage could deny trying to get their filthy little hands on Howard J. Marshalls Millions.....
She blew off her family early on, clouded by drug abuse, blinded by fame and fortune....praised by scumbag papparaziii....H.K.S. had many years to study and come up with a plan to kill her, Daniel & probly Danny lynn would be next...
Anna Nicole wanted a new baby with blond hair and blue eyes, in comes Larry Birkhead, he completey opposes her drug induced way of living, this is H.K.S opening to get closer to Anna, do you really think Anna could have come up with the plot to have dannie lynn's birth in the bahamas??? this way his name is on the birth certificate and he is recognized as the father, at this point, i'm sure she loved the idea, little did she know, H.K.S. had other idea's in store for her & Daniel.... sounds like an evil idea a scumbag attorney would come up with...
then once the plan is carried out, have someone steal from his own dwelling and use that evidence for his own personal gain & of course to manipulate the media, that is what attorneys do you know...
then have your sister go on television and verbally assault A.N.S.'s mother, in a lame attemt to divert the attention off of himself.....way to go scumbag sister, now your an accomplice to your scumbag brother....Larry you should have never let your precious blond hair, blue eye sperm get involved with such evil driven individuals. 2 precious lives have been taken for just a little bit of money.
In regards to A.N.S.'s mother,
my condulnances to you and your family, your daughter Anna spoke how mean you were to her early on, she probly deserved and needed discipline at that time, isn't abvious with her attitude towards you... clouded by drugs & H.K.S.'s evil ways of control....
deep down I believe she and Daniel loved you very their bodies are buried in your state, their spirits will always be with you....

Don't believe the B.S. the scumbag media sluts & what they're putting out there, it's all about manipulating the media, and of course the almight $$$Dollar...
remember O.J's trial- Johnnie cochran (The so Called Dream Team) If i remember write, didn't Shapiro write a book on this,"How to Manipulate the Media"
Or if you have the money you can buy your way out...
Another Scumbag who is going to try this tactic is the Alleged killer of Lana Clarkson - phil spector

and thats my 2 cents... for now :)

p.s. OJ your a piece of shit too, mabe you , Howard and Phil can be roomates in hell.

bklyn_in_dubai said...

anonymous has many opinions. anna nicole is now irrelevant. how about a britney post, one where you extol the virtues of k-fed as the ideal parent?